World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

The UNCHAINED project, in which the Euro-Arab Foundation participate, celebrates the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons joining the Blue Heart United Nations campaign coordinated by UNODC. This year’s theme highlights the importance of listening to and learning from survivors of human trafficking. The UNCHAINED project partners recognize the importance of involving victims and survivors in anti-trafficking action.

One of the particularities of this project, in which the Euro-Arab Foundation participate, is the focus on the key topic of financial flows into and out of these types of high profit activities, which allows to expose and prevent the range of actors and decision makers involved and their modus operandi. The follow-the-money approach is a necessary element to counteract THB and give survivors back their rights and needs.

The Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies also joins this commemoration giving voice to the survivors  of trafficking and raising awareness about this serious violation of human rights that deprives people of their freedom by exploitaiting them under the most varied forms such as, sexual or labour exploitation, being forced to marriage or to commit a crime or, organ transplants among others.

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons: On Invisibilities and Borders” by Patricia Bueso Izquierdo (in Spanish) for the blog of the Euro-Arab Foundation

Here an extract of the text translated into English:

“The demand for exploitation is increasing, sponsored by crimes committed on the Internet that favor the financial opacity of the profits obtained in crime, the COVID-19 pandemic contributing to the increase in the numbers and the invisibility of the people who are the object of about.

We would like to highlight in this regard that even today in 2021 new legislative measures are still necessary to jointly address trafficking in human beings, in order to be able to identify and detect potential victims early among the most vulnerable groups such as minors and / or people with functional mobility and with the aim of dismantling the business model of traffickers to which the UNCHAINED project contributes, also highlighting that the training of the agents involved and international cooperation with third countries are other necessary pillars to eradicate and combat this crime.

Let us take advantage not only of this World Day, but every day of the year, to create spaces for opinion and public debate that make this reality known by putting names and surnames to all the people who are being exploited daily next to us. Let us know to detect and not to discriminate, let us walk alongside these women and girls who like us want to be free and enjoy safety”

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