Research and Projects

Women, Peace and MULTICulturality.

Starting date:
June 22nd, 2009

Closing date:
June 22nd, 2010

30.000 €. This Project has received funds from the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Through this research project we intend to make visible some of the actions needed to build a new model of society where the culture of peace and gender equality are fundamental values. To this end, it is proposed:

1.- The creation of a working group that will carry out a study from different disciplines (sociology, history, anthropology, history of art, artistic creation) in which it will be shown which are the strategies used by women, in the prevention and solution of conflicts and in the consolidation of peace, so that they can be applied by the whole human group.

2.- A summer school around the theme “post-colonial feminisms: culture, citizenship and empire” that will bring together a group of teachers and researchers in Women’s Studies who will teach a group of students from different countries of the world, the diversity, theoretical and political richness, as well as solidarity, of post-colonial feminism.

3.- A forum for the exchange of experiences: Cinema and Interculturality: which will have the purpose of entering into the analysis and reflection on socio-cultural violence that affects women through diverse representations, using the cinema-forum format as a communication methodology.



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