Research and Projects

Who we are

The research and projects department of the Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies, focuses on the development of research and transfer programs and activities aimed at promoting democratic rights and values, peaceful coexistence and social cohesion, valuing wealth. diversity, the processes of inclusion and social integration or the defense of the rights of minorities and vulnerable groups. The gender dimension is incorporated as a transversal aspect in all our activities.

We are actively working on developing different research activities, products, services, and training and transfer activities that meet the needs of front-line professionals in the public and private sectors across Europe. We regularly plan proposals in the field of security, governance, human rights and international cooperation for the EU and other international funds with the support of an expanded partnership comprising the 28 EU countries and North African countries.

Associations and collaborative work with different institutions and organizations, both public and private, and multidisciplinary approaches are a substantial part of our work that focus on two main lines of research:


  1. Research in Societies, Human Rights, Cultural Diversity and Migrations. 
  1. Research on Radicalization, Prevention and Security.

The mission of the research and projects department is to transform culture by giving value to research, development and innovation at the service of society.


The vision of the research and projects department is to become a reference center in promoting social cohesion and good governance in the face of racism and various forms of extremism.


Commitment to science and innovation:

We believe that scientific knowledge is the basis of progress and, therefore, we assume as our own responsibility the generation and transformation of knowledge into innovations that have an impact on society.

Social involvement and inclusion:

We defend the value of a cohesive society where no one feels excluded and minorities have a voice and vote.

Transformation through cooperation:

We hold that cooperation between the different bodies that make up societies is the only possible way for social transformation with a focus on civil society and minorities.


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