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The social and labour inclusion of immigrants makes the digital leap in Granada.

This is a trial program that is being tested in Granada (Spain), through the UGR, Cyprus and Italy.

The Euro-Arab Foundation of Granada has begun testing the digital platform designed by the European project MI-ICT, an initiative that develops tools to facilitate the social and labour inclusion of migrants, refugees or asylum seekers.

The European MI-ICT project is an initiative focused on the area of Public Services for migration based on information and communication technologies that starts its third phase of implementation with the testing of the multilingual digital platform designed to achieve its objectives.

This software solution aims to improve access to the labour market for migrants or asylum seekers by linking people with jobs and opportunities for personal development, always taking into account their specific contexts, as reported by the University of Granada in a statement.

This digital prototype is being tested in Spain, Cyprus and Italy, the three pilot countries of the project, and has counted in its design with the users, which would be immigrants or refugees, with the NGOs and service providers, either public or private, and with a third group composed of experts.

The Euro-Arab Foundation is in charge of developing the tests of this platform in the Faculty of Law. This prototype covers areas such as training, employment, accommodation, language, social security, legal issues, mobility, health and social integration activities.

The MIICT project, in which the Euro-Arab Foundation participates along with fourteen other partner organizations from ten European countries, addresses the challenge of integrating migrants.

Through its own methodology, this European project seeks to involve public authorities, key civil society organizations, public service providers, interest groups and migrants, refugees and asylum seekers to jointly advance their desired social and economic inclusion in the host countries.

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