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The MIICT project winner of the XVII edition of the Andalusia Migration Awards

MIICT project on migration and information technologies wins the Andalusian Migration Award from the Council of the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía.

The winner of the Social Awareness and / or Interculturality Programs category of the Andalusian Migration Awards Network is the Inmerse platform, created by the Euro-Arab Foundation. The jury highlighted that its objective is to promote immigrants integration of through information, dialogue or encounters through communication and information technologies. The project meets the conditions to bring public services closer to immigrants, the result of a very enriching process of co-creation and collaboration.

The IMMERSE platform: A bi-lingual web-based platform that consists of a database and intelligent analytics system that captures the specific socio-cultural, economic and legal contexts of migrants that is shared with public authorities. The platform enable effect management of migrant’s’ integration into the EU labour market by providing means to better understand individual contexts, allowing individuals to seek opportunities for skills development and employment and enabling public authorities to automatically match their access to services such as education, welfare, employment and healthcare in host countries.

This platform, which is being carried out as a pilot test in three countries, Spain, Cyprus and Italy, has been tested with the participation of the users themselves and also NGOs. In Spain, the Euro-Arab Foundation has ended this testing phase with very good results. Cyprus and Italy will conclude it shortly.

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