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Euro-Arab Foundation participates in a new project to develop VR skills of vocational training students in Albania

The kick-off meeting of VR Digivet, a European project whose main objectives are to improve the quality and responsiveness of Vocational Education and Training (VET) to economic and social developments, in order to increase the relevance of skills supply for the labor market, while empowering VET providers to strengthen cooperation between private and public stakeholders, took place in Tirana (Albania) on Thursday, February 15 and Friday, February 16.

The project has been developed based on the needs expressed by the Albanian government’s policy document, in particular the NESS 2019-2022, and the recommendations of the European Training Foundation in the framework of the Turin process, with the coordination of the Agenfor International Foundation (Italy) and a consortium including the Euro-Arab Foundation (Spain), HfÖV (Germany), NAES (Albania), Fan S.Noli (Albania), and Service Factory Solutions (Albania). Representatives from all of them have participated in the first project meeting in Tirana, which was attended by the Albanian Government, and where all technical procedures were addressed and the next steps were discussed. VR Digivet representatives also made a study visit to an IT VET center in Gjergji Canco to check the VET center model in which the project will be developed.

The project’s success hinges on active involvement from key stakeholders in developing and overseeing Albania’s VET sector. This collaborative effort includes the Albanian government, VET providers, private sector representatives, experts, and VET students. By engaging in co-designing specific technical solutions, this approach ensures strong local ownership, enhancing its long-term sustainability. To achieve this goal, a public Albanian VR Metaverse for VET will be designed, implemented, and managed by the National VET Authority. Here, national, European, and international partners, along with their trained personnel, will create and deliver immersive training programs, transforming traditional VET roles in the digital realm.