Research and Projects

Solutions to enhance interfaith protection of places of worship from terrorist danger

Starting date:
January 1st, 2022

Closing date:
April 2nd, 2024

European funding:
2 988 488,49 € -Funded by the European Commission under the Internal Security Fund – Police,  ISFP-2020-PROTECT

The SHIELD project aims to protect Christian, Jewish and Muslim places of worship from terrorist attacks in 11 countries of the European Union. SHIELD aims to enhance cooperation between public and private actors, raise awareness of the danger of terrorism, and develop new or upgrade methodologies and solutions to protect places of worship and mitigate the effects of attacks. To this end, the SHIELD consortium includes EU public and private actors – Christian, Jewish and Muslim organisations, security practitioners, LEAs, municipalities, experts in risk detection and technological partners. In this way, both the capacity of the Member States and the European Union itself will be improved in the management of risks related to terrorism, the protection of people and buildings.

SHIELD will identify the critical points in places of worship of each of the three religions, the circumstances and rituals (Sunday Mass, Shabbat, Jumuʿa) that are most subject to the risk of terrorist attacks, the religious buildings that are potentially most vulnerable, as well as the types terrorist attack that would be more likely to survive. SHIELD will outline tailored recommendations and guidelines focused on prevention and the implementation of common protocols to mitigate the impact of attacks. SHIELD will produce and distribute factsheets and leaflets to religious leaders who will actively spread them and raise awareness on terrorist threat among respective communities.



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