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Second Euro-Mediterranean days on the Commitment of Youth against Extreme Violence

The Euro-Arab Foundation together with the UNESCO Chair, Les Militants des Savoirs, Youth ID and the REDE Project organizes the second Euro-Mediterranean days on the commitment of youth against extreme violence. A meeting between young people coming from France and Spain, that takes place from December 15 to 17 and which aims to enrich reflection and improve practices on the role of youth in the prevention of violent extremism through a multicultural approach.

Javier Ruipérez Canales, Director of the Department of Research and Projects of the Euro-Arab Foundation, has welcomed this morning the young people who throughout these days will participate in workshops on Radicalization, social discrimination and social exclusion; Peace and conflict resolution; Prevention of Gender or Sexual Violence; Resilience from education for democratic citizenship.

The Rede Project workshop: “Resilience through education for democratic citizenship“, scheduled for Thursday 16, will be broadcast live through Zoom:

Finally, on Friday 17, the young people will draw up a Declaration based on what they have experienced and reflected on in the previous two days and a Round Table will be organized with experts and relevant personalities in which the youth will have the opportunity to present the declaration and exchange with them.

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