Research and Projects

Engaging citizens and communities in solidarity

Starting date:
18 June, 2024

Closing date:
December, 2025



European Co- Funding: co-funded by the European Commission under Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV), under the Grant Agreement No. 101146813

The project ReBel “Redesign Belonging” aims to address the solidarity related challenges of our society through service design and co-creative methods. It will engage migrant women to work alongside professional designers to create solutions to challenges of belonging and solidarity. The created models and solutions are designed within different contexts in the project countries, with input from a wide range of stakeholder groups, thus allowing for new concepts that can be utilized within different arenas in the European Union, including municipalities, national authorities, local communities, NGOs and other actors developing integration of migrants.

The objectives include providing a model for co-creation that fosters migrants’ belonging. The project’s significance lies in its approach to engaging migrant women who have been in the host countries for over 5 years, addressing the gap in integration efforts for this group.

Through participatory co-creation activities, the project will create meaningful outputs that can be widely disseminated and implemented, contributing to the exchange of best practices. Using an intersectional approach, the project will explore barriers and resilience strategies migrant women face in relation to belonging and integration. The project seeks to provide concrete solutions and recommendations that can influence policy strategies on local and international levels.

The impact will be seen in empowering migrant women, enhancing their sense of belonging, and fostering positive narratives. It will also contribute to broader societal understanding, inform more inclusive immigration policies, and provide practical tools to promote solidarity.

Through its comprehensive approach, the project aligns with Sustainable Development Goals, including reducing inequalities and promoting inclusive societies. The work plan outlines a detailed approach, involving various research dialogues, co-creation workshops, and policy engagements to achieve these goals.

Project Coordinator:Laurea University of Applied Sciences (LAUREA) – Finland

    Street San Jerónimo, 27
    18001 GRANADA (Spain)
    +34 958 206 508