Research and Projects


Starting date:

Closing date:
May 31th, 2013
Funding: 60.000 €. This Project has received funds from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

With this project, the Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies aims to promote teaching and research exchange and to collaborate with academic, research and scientific institutions in the Mediterranean basin.  The holders of the Chairs must carry out a program of activities, conferences, round tables, exhibitions or cultural activities in order to make the subject of their Chair known and to create solid work networks in the Euro-Mediterranean area. This program aims to facilitate the exchange between university professors, scientists, researchers, artists and intellectuals from MENA countries and Europe; developing research, training, information, awareness and documentation activities. It will favour the transfer of knowledge in both directions between the countries of the north and the south and will participate in initiatives of publications and diffusion on topics of the field of work.


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