Research and Projects

Starting date: March, 2010
Closing date: December, 2010

Funding: 6.000 €. This Project has received funds from the Ministry of Culture.
Funding: 6.000 €. This Project has received funds from the Granada City Hall.

The project consists of two activities:

  1. Arab-Ibero-American Women’s Film Series of Granada. Cycle consisting of 16 films: 8 films in Arabic language and 8 films in Spanish, with the presence of the directors to present their films, dialogue with the public, and have a meeting place between Arab and Hispanic directors.
  2. Minute Video Workshop: Women in Correspondence Women in Correspondence is a video making workshop aimed at women to learn the basics of audiovisual production, and so they can apply this knowledge to the making of short films of one minute on the same topic: Women in Correspondence as workshop practices
  3. Video of the Minute Festival. The Festival chooses the city of Granada to present the short films made by women from Spain, Latin America and the Arab World as part of the Women in Correspondence workshop, held in different countries in 2009 and 2010 as part of the Entre Cineastas project. This Festival was presented as an opportunity to explore a unique experience between women from different countries who, without meeting physically or knowing each other, have broken down the barriers between them, exchanging their particular experiences through the making of one-minute short films.


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