Research and Projects

Foreign Fighters and European Security: Psychosocial Parameters of Radicalisation

Starting date:
January 1st, 2016

Closing date:
December 31st, 2018


14.000 € This project was funded by National R&D Plan project DER 2015-63857-R of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness – European Regional Development Fund (MINECO / FEDER)

The project focuses on the analysis of the psychosocial processes involved in the radicalization of jihadist ideology. It studies the phenomenon of foreign combatants involved in current conflicts in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

Based on the analysis of the origin, nature and scope of the phenomenon of foreign combatants, specifically combatants of European origin and radical Islamist ideology, the project seeks to identify the psychosocial parameters that determine the process of radicalization and its continuity once they have returned from the conflict zones.

In this way, the project will be able to provide the authorities of the European Union Member States, as well as the European institutions themselves, with data to develop technologies and innovations that reinforce information for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.



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