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Project clip on PAVE’s main outputs

PAVE showcases findings in brand-new animated clip

The Horizon 2020 research project PAVE investigated the root causes and driving factors of violent extremism and radicalisation over the last three years. Now with the project drawing to a close, a brand-new animated clip has just been released. While highlighting the global issue of radicalisation, it shares the findings from the project’s intense research. The video includes short video snippets from project partners highlighting particular aspects of the research such as the role of the state and education, resilience and the collaboration between civil society, religious actors and policy makers.

Over the last three years, the consortium has greatly enjoyed the collaborative engagement on this timely project, with a diverse set of experienced and complementary partners. Despite the severe challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, PAVE partners managed to build a real team spirit and collegial atmosphere across borders and regions.

Thanks to the dedication of the involved researchers, PAVE results are important milestones on the way to making the prevention of violent extremism more responsive to contextual needs, more tailored to contemporary threats and emerging radicalisation trends, and moving away from securitised approaches. Our practical tools can further contribute to building community resilience from the bottom up.

The video is available on YouTube ( and on the PAVE website (, where you will find more information about the project and the results obtained.

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