Research and Projects

Armed conflict, jihadist radicalization and experiences of combatants

Starting date:
july 2015

Closing date:
october 2016

2.550 €. This project was funded by the Ministry of Defence. General Secretariat for Defence Policy and International University of Andalusia

The project consists of three seminars focused on the analysis of the psycho-social processes involved in the radicalization of jihadist ideology and the study of the phenomenon of foreign fighters involved in the current conflicts in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

The general objective of this course is to provide students with the necessary tools and knowledge to achieve a better understanding of the main concepts related to armed conflicts in the Mediterranean arc, radicalization of jihadist inspiration, the ideological origins and socio-political analysis of jihadism, its organizational structure, as well as the psychosocial keys to Islamist radicalization and terrorism.


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