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MIICT final conference: Co-creating ICT solutions to aid migrant integration: challenges, solutions and sustainability

26th January 2022 (online event) 09.30-16.45 (CET)

Join us on the 26th of January 2022, when we present our final project outputs!

The conference unites consortium members and external experts working in the field of migration, integration and digitalisation to present the challenges and solutions in relation to the co-creation of ICT solutions which aid the integration of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. Key note speakers include Miguel Almario (International Organisation for Migration), Prof. Babak Akhgar (CENTRIC) and Hinano Spreafico (European Commission). The panels will focus on co-creation, evidencebased research and field work in Spain, Cyprus and Italy, technological solutions and their sustainability. For more information consult our project website. Register here!

Patricia Bueso (Fundea), will be presenting “Supporting migrants through ICTs in Spain. The main findings from the MIICT project” at Panel 2 Migration Research and New Technologies in Spain, together with José María González Riera (Fundea), Antonio Javier Jimenez Paiz (International Protection Programme, Spanish Red Cross) and Rut Bermejo Casado (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos).

The panels will focus on co-creation, evidence-based research, technological solutions and sustainability:

Panel 1 Co-Creation – experts will explore how ICT solutions can provide efficient and effective integration when they are co-created by the end users. Cocreative methods are enlightening and have a transformative effect on participating migrants, but they also pose challenges. The presentations will highlight some of these as well as the knowledge gap that often exists between project and policy designers and field-based practitioners and share some insights on the credibility (or not) of co-creation methodology. Experts will also address the legal and ethical considerations surrounding the development of ICT solutions for migrants’ integration in this panel.

Panel 2-4 Evidence based research – experts from the MIICT project will present evidence-based research from the pilot countries along with external experts in order to address the importance of the customisation of ICT solutions. They will explore what these ICT solutions mean for migrants, asylum seekers and refugees and key social service providers in Italy, Cyprus and Spain reporting on activities carried out during different phases of the research using hybrid approaches due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Panel 5 Technological solutions – experts in this panel will present one possible technological solution—the one created in the MIICT project which is an interactive platform called IMMERSE. The panel will also include presentations from other experts who will explore the importance of other technological developments such as artificial intelligence.

Panel 6 Impact and sustainability – experts in this panel will report on the findings from high-level policy roundtables and address how the deployed solutions can be made sustainable though monitoring and validation techniques to ensure migrants are not put at risk or misinformed.

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