Research and Projects

Knowledge of the Arab and Muslim world. Know to appreciate

Starting date:
September 15th, 2016

Closing date:
September 1th, 2017

5.050 euros. This project has received funding from Granada City Hall. Area of Family, Social Welfare, Equality, Education and Youth. Social awareness modality.

This project, consisting of training workshops in schools, promotes mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue, focusing on young people and educators, to encourage reflection and critical thinking. This is because young people are the future and it is necessary, they become subjects of a more open society, in which cultural diversity is understood as mutual enrichment, not as a reason for confrontation. Among the activities implemented were workshops on Arab and Berber culture, writing Tifinagh, Mediterranean music, art and mural painting, Arab stories and narratives and audio-visual projections on Arab cultures and societies.



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