Research and Projects

Know how to name. Know how to live

Starting date:
April 15th, 2009

Closing date:
April15th, 2010

30.000. This Project has received funds from the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

The project aimed to offer journalists and communicators, as well as in some phases of the project, professionals from the administration and law, the judiciary, translation and NGOs, the necessary concepts that will allow them to address in their daily work the reality of the migration phenomenon in a rigorous way, avoiding negative connotations and stereotypes that have been occurring to a large extent, in the news coverage of issues related to immigration.

Actions carried out:

  • University conferences in Seville, Malaga and Granada
  • Specialized courses for audio-visual media professionals
Project coordinator:
Fundación Euroárabe De Altos Estudios – Spain

    Street San Jerónimo, 27
    18001 GRANADA (Spain)
    +34 958 206 508