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Law enforcement, community cooperation and training approach to prevent radicalisation by ensuring refugees’ successful inclusion

Starting date:
1st November, 2022

Closing date:
31st October, 2025

European funding: 400,000 € co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme, KA220-ADU – Adult Education Cooperation Partnerships.

The IN2PREV project ‘Law enforcement, community cooperation, and empowerment approach to prevent radicalisation by ensuring the successful inclusion of refugees’ is a European project that started in September 2022 in which the Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies collaborates as a member, together with partners from Poland, Portugal, Romania, Republic of Moldova, Slovakia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The project aims to facilitate the integration of refugees and asylum seekers and prevent their radicalisation through early identification of vulnerability risk factors. The successful inclusion of refugees as a means to prevent radicalisation is an issue that, despite its recognised importance and growing concern, has not received adequate attention and action, and is often treated with highly securitising approaches. To achieve this purpose, the project focuses on:

  • Improving the response of Law Enforcement Agencies and NGOs, promoting cooperation between these frontline professionals, as well as creating a network of contacts.
  • Develop a tool to assess the vulnerability of these individuals to radicalisation.
  • Developing a mentoring programme for their inclusión.
  • Train frontline practitioners in its use.


This project is motivated by the refugee crisis that has been affecting Europe since 2015 (albeit historically), with asylum seekers arriving from war-torn countries. Despite the difficulties caused by COVID-19, almost 100,000 people made their way to Europe’s borders in early 2021. In the same year, Mediterranean countries saw an even higher number of arrivals by sea. In addition, 2022 presented new challenges due to the Russian war in Ukraine, when millions of people fled to neighbouring countries.

Coordinador del Proyecto:
Universidade da Beira Interior – Portugal

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    18001 GRANADA (Spain)
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