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Hope workshop about the extremist landscape in Serbia

The HOPE project – “Holistic Radicalisation Prevention Initiative” – is developing a network for continuous training and knowledge sharing in the Balkan, Southern and Eastern European countries. HOPE aims to improve the transition from prison or probation to the community for those at risk of radicalisation or who have already been radicalised.

The 6th HOPE Transnational Thematic Workshop (TTW) on June 1st gathered multiple practitioners and key experts on P/CVE, including project partners and participants who have been invited from the pool of members already involved in the HOPE Radicalisation Network.
Serbia is part of HOPE project’s network geographical scope of action, in its mission to create a European Learning Hub on Radicalisation and increase the knowledge and skills of practitioners in the P/CVE field.
Considering the country’s inter-ethnic tensions and polarisation challenges, the project is dedicating a Transnational Thematic Workshop to discuss the challenges posed by the regional and national atmosphere, focusing on its implications in the criminal justice system.

The potential drivers and post-sentence repercussions of the Foreign Terrorist Fighter phenomenon will also be explored.
Another focal point of this event is the community capacity for deradicalisation and reintegration. The workshop included the presentation of specific tools and programmes aimed at dealing with violent extremist offenders (VEOs) in the country.
From a basis of common understanding, participants were able to share their experience(s), proposals, and solutions. Stimulating these connections and knowledge sharing is at the centre of HOPE project’s goals.

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