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Hampering hate speech and disinformation through AI-based technologies to prevent and combat polarisation and the spread of racist, xenophobic, and intolerant speech and conspiracy theories.

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European funding: 1,084,948.55 €. Funded by the European Commission.

Hatedemics aims to enable NGO/CSOs, media professionals (fact-checkers and journalists), public authorities, and youngsters as activists to respond to online hate and fake news, with a particular focus on contrasting those pernicious and under-studied phenomena that lie at the crossroads between hate speech and disinformation. The project will empower these target groups to counter instances of hate speech and hate crimes that are rooted in disinformation and affect several vulnerable groups. They will have access to a variety of tools that enhance their capacity to effectively prevent and combat polarisation, as well as the spread of racist, xenophobic, intolerant speech, and conspiracy theories online in an impactful manner. Hatedemics will do so by:

a) developing and validating in 4 Member States the Hatedemics Platform, a toolsuite that brings together the partners’ expertise gained in hate and disinformation preventing and countering;

b) designing and deploying interactive training and educational paths, informed by a commitment to EU values and rights;

c) raising awareness and fostering active participation of EU-27 citizens.


One of our main goals is to improve target groups’ skills and critical thinking with trustworthy AI tools that:

1) monitor, detect and record online hate speech and disinformation;

2) estimate the “hatedemics” risk, i.e. the exposure to hate and misinformative messages;

3) create dialogue-based counter-narratives to support professionals and volunteers, and facilitate reporting activities and behavioral change.


The combination of these technologies, which will be developed also thanks to advanced methods for data collection, will allow for more focused and timely online interventions resulting in more efficient and effective efforts by both professionals and volunteers. This approach is based on maintaining fairness and balance by implementing appropriate measures and ensuring adherence to legal and ethical standards.


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