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Experts and researchers participate in the experimental laboratories of the SAT LAW project

As part of the technical package of qualitative research of the SAT-LAW project, two experimental laboratories organized by the Euro-Arab Foundation and the University of Granada will be held today, Thursday 5th and tomorrow 6th November. These meetings will allow the exchange of information and experiences between the key agents involved, as well as the sharing of problems and needs detected in the use of the instrument of criminal judicial cooperation created by Directive 2014/41/EU on the European system of criminal investigation.

The aim of these laboratories is to identify both the legal and factual obstacles that arise in the execution of OIEs (passive) and in the issuing. It will also allow, from a perspective very close to the judicial reality, to suggest practices or solutions to the problems that the project has previously identified.

Due to the mobility restriction measures adopted by the crisis caused by the Covid-19, these laboratories have been adapted to the online modality.

The European Project SAT LAW -Strategic Assessment for Law and Police Cooperation, financed by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers, deals with the application of Directive 2014/41/EU regarding the European Criminal Investigation Order (ECIO), which lays the foundations for a new system of judicial cooperation for criminal investigations in the European Union based on the principle of mutual recognition.

The objective of SAT LAW is to contribute to the biannual report on the implementation of this Directive in order to detect the state of harmonization and its interrelation with other judicial instruments in the different European countries.

This European project, led by the Italian Ministry of Justice – Regional Directorate of the Penitentiary Administration of the Triveneto, is constituted by a consortium in which institutions from 8 countries participate: Spain, through the Euro-Arab Foundation and the University of Granada, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic and Malta.

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