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Deradicalization in the prison context in Norway

The partners of the HOPE project (Holistic Radicalization Prevention Initiative) have met this past March 31 and April 1 at the University Center of the Norwegian Correctional Service (KRUS) in Lillestrom, Norway. During the meeting, they learned about the international projects of the KRUS, which is currently an international reference organization. They also witnessed part of the practical training activities, talked with students and teachers of the university degree for people who want to work in the prison context, visited the training spaces and the library. The consortium meeting also served to update the status of the project and plan the next activities, which will include 3 trainings on deradicalization in the prison context for frontline professionals in Bulgaria, Slovenia and Serbia.

On Friday, April 1, the participants visited the Kongsvinger prison complex. The visit included a presentation of the prison deradicalization model used in Norway, whose main element is dynamic security. Dynamic security is based on close contact with prisoners, trust based on the creation of a personal relationship with them and risk analysis based on changes in behavior, rather than static indicators. During the visit, the partners had the opportunity to visit cells at the different security levels, the training and recreation facilities for prisoners and the training spaces for prison officials.

The European project HOPE, in which the Euro-Arab Foundation participates, is developing a network for continuous training and knowledge exchange in the Balkans and countries of southern and eastern Europe.

The HOPE project is developing a network for continuous training and knowledge sharing in the Balkan, Southern and Eastern European countries.

This network aims to intervene in radicalisation prevention and disengagement and improve the transition between the prison/probation system and the community, for those at risk of radicalisation or who have already been radicalised.

Training and research organisations, academics, prison, and probation administrations make up the HOPE project network.

This project is led by IPS Innovative Prison Systems, and is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA-Norway Grant Fund for Regional Cooperation.

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